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Monday, January 9, 2012

Out with the old, in with the New: Or, a newly announced edition of D&D in 2013

i'It was announced today, by both the New York Times and at the D&D website proper that they are currently in development for the as of yet un-named edition of Dungeons and Dragons. I have justifiably mixed feelings about this for reasons I don't quite understand, but do, if that makes sense.

I came into playing D&D in the last quarter of the life of 3.5e and loved it, to be fair. But that said, 4e was the first edition that was mine. I had been there since the beginning, bought the books the day they came out, went to the first game day for it back in 2008. It was my baby and I watched it grow up. I, as a player, grew along side it.

So of course I'm going to be sad to see it go!

That said, I'm hopeful, too. I'm still going to be playing 4e, you bet your money on it, I love the system, much like I still play 3.X and Pathfinder. The opportunity mentioned by Mearls to be part of an on-going community playtest is a fantastic opportunity, and one that everyone should sign up for. If it works as advertised, we have a chance as D&D fans to have our voices heard and our hopes for what, in our minds, is iconic for D&D realized. This is a great chance, and one I do look forward to. 

As mentioned over at Save vs. Death and Dread Gazebo, we need to leave our venom at the door and realize what an opportunity this is, and they are right. For Fourthcore design fanatics this is a chance to perhaps return to a deadlier style of game, and for D&D fans in general this is a chance to have your voice heard. 

So go sign up and be heard, this is a great chance! But make sure to leave the negativity of editions wars at the door. 

I'll still be developing my Legend4ry line, from now to whenever I call it quits, so despite the new edition announcement, it's still coming and it's still going to dominate. 

Until next time,

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