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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Terrain, terrain, terrain and more

In my last post I noted that I had been linked to Heroscapers and had spent hours perusing thread upon thread on how to build custom terrain for gaming. The terrain listed on the site is specifically geared towards Heroscape itself, but there are many lessons to be learned on how to go about building terrain for any system!

One of the biggest suggestions on the site was to hit up a store called Michaels, the only problem was that the closest one is a good hour away from where I live. I ended up making the trek down there one weekend and came back with too much stuff for a great price. (Sales rock!) After nerding out at Michaels I picked up some paint of varying colors, some sandpaper, and patience and got to work.

The first piece I made was this temple out of foam board and poster board:

Next, I made some pillars and rocks. The pillars are made out of the Grecian-style cake stands and the rocks are made from a foamboard base and egg cartons:

After that I constructed some inexpensive wooden puzzles/buildings I found at Michaels and painted them to serve a fairly generic purpose in-game. They can serve as mini-temples, outposts, manors, etc.

I also found some other wooden goodies at Michaels, such as a wagon, a cannon, and a catapult (that actually works!)

Next is a castle shaped birdhouse that I found and repurposed for my own uses along with some miscellaneous things I created. The first is a wooden bridge I made out of scrap wood from the wooden puzzles, followed by a pile of gold bricks also made from scraps, and finally two ballistas also made from scraps. I'm resourceful!

The next two pictures are my pride and joy. The first of which is two towers made from a toilet paper tube, a label tube, egg cartons, poster board and a lot of time.

Lastly is another tower/outpost/castle/whatever that is also made from label tubes, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, poster board and lots of glue.

That's all so far. I'll post a tutorial on how I did these next as well as pictures from the other wooden buildings/puzzles that I have yet to construct and paint.

EDIT!: I almost forgot the group shot of all of the buildings and terrain set up with minis just for fun!

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