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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Legend4ry D&D

Recently I started a new blog to coincide with this one. This blog has always been intended to be a more broadly focused D&D blog as opposed to a Fourthcore/old school-esque one. That said, I really want to delve into the dynamic adventures and deadliness that is the old school dungeon delve, but specifically for 4th edition. 

This blog will continue to be a more generally focused one dealing with my gaming philosophy regarding mainly 4e D&D, while my new one delves into trying to bring that hardcore old school feel into my games.

You can find my new blog here, entitled Legend4ry D&D, or just Legend4ry for short. The name itself comes from playing through the various Halo games on legendary mode with a friend of mine and concluding that the only way the game was meant to be played was on its most hardcore of settings, legendary. This philosophy, for me at least, is something I want to delve into for my table top gaming experience.

While I may be coming into the game late, a lot of the ground work has been dug by sites such as Save Versus Death, DMG42, Dungeon Oracle, Dread Gazebo, and more. Here's to hoping that I can make some meaningful contributions to this awesome community. 


Next post: the first of the aforementioned one-shots, a (late) review of Heroes of the Feywild, and a discussion over a magic-lite setting I've been tinkering with off and on for a month or so. 

Until next time,

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