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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RPG Stack Exchange

About a month or two ago I Stumbled Upon RPG Stack Exchange and have been following it off and on ever since. This past weekend I actually decided to register after having a few questions of my own.

Now, you are probably wondering to yourself, "what is this RPG Stack Exchange you speak of, Blob?" To put it simply, it is like Yahoo! Answers but specialized. There are quite a few different Stack Exchanges over various subjects as well as a website that polls user interest in creating a new Stack Exchange over a new and potentially popular subject. If the idea of it being similar to Yahoo! Answers turns you off from visiting, just wait and hear me out. RPG Stack Exchange like I said is specialized and sorted by subject with all tabletop gaming under this one heading. The people who answer the questions are generally players of the varying games themselves and have to work their way up a reputation scale to even be afforded the privilege of answering a question. This, in my opinion, is what sets it apart from other Q and A sites. The search engine is magnificent and the support from the users is top notch. Hell, I have not even touched on the answers yet! The answers themselves are generally well cited from the source material, occasionally provide insightful examples, and are rarely matters of opinion (unless called for or in a situation where a rule is up to "DM discretion.") The old saying "there are no stupid questions" rings true here and chances are if you were confused about a rule in an RPG you've read or played you are probably not the only one!

So, readers, (if I even have any at this juncture!) check out RPG Stack Exchange and become more enlightened about your respective games and maybe provide some enlightenment to a confused gamer while you are at it!

Here are some of the questions I've asked to date (and have gotten excellent responses on!):


My next post will be over a connection I made when writing my introductory post regarding "stereotypes not always being true." It dawned on me that both the Gamer and Frat-boy stereotypes often overlap, sometimes even intertwining, and I am going to explore that in depth and with examples. 

Hopefully, my post after that will be my review of Brother Ptolemy and the Hidden Kingdom, a 3rd party 4E adventure and mini-setting created by the geniuses at Nevermet Press, so stay tuned!
Until next time,

S. Blob

PS- Also, "Howdy!" to the visitors from the Stack Exchange website!

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